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Dan & Matt Planker

Not only can we remodel your home, but we can sell it for you too with Planker Realty Group, LLC. Contact us for more information!

D. W. Planker, Inc. is family owned and operated. Dan Planker started the business in 1992 working only on the weekends. During this time, Dan was a full time employee of Electronic Data Systems for 19 years. In 2002, Dan decided to step out in faith and become self-employed, leaving the corporate world behind.

Dan’s son, Matt, began working with his Dad on the weekends when he was just nine years old. Matt graduated from Vincennes University in the spring of 2004 with a degree in Aviation Technology. However, Matt decided to become part of D.W. Planker, Inc. upon his graduation rather than the airline industry. This decision wasn't too difficult as the airline industry took a significant down fall just before his graduation. Matt has done a great job by utilizing his skills aquired during school and applying them to the business.

Dan and Matt continue to work hard to build a solid foundation by continually focusing on customer service and customer satisfaction.

Dan and Matt promise you a professional and pleasant experience!

Licensed and Insured

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